About Your Murphy Bed

In its simplest form, a Murphy Bed is a specially designed bed frame that folds itself into a closet or cabinet. The mechanism itself is a counter-balanced bed frame, that holds a standard mattress. It opens and closes with very little effort.

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Space without sacrifice.

Murphy Bed Center in the heart of Chelsea, New York, has been the place to go for beautiful wall-bed installations for 25 years. When you choose one of our units, you get it all. Whether one of our standard models or a custom installation, we promise you will not compromise on luxury or beauty, and we will help you turn your vision into reality at the most economical price possible.

All the comfort of a real bed.

Every model at Murphy Bed Center allows you to choose the mattress you want. The ingenious pull-down platform is designed to accommodate any mattress up to 11" deep, in widths from twin to king. Don't be fooled by its clever disappearing mechanism: this is a real bed, not a compromise that's "good enough" for an occasional guest. For many of our clients, this is the bed they sleep in every night, and they swear by its comfort. This comes as a delightful surprise to many people considering how to make the most of their space. We suspect it may surprise you too!

Beautiful, finely crafted cabinetry.

We are not just bed makers, we are fine craftsmen -- we are as proud of our cabinetry as we are of our beds. We help you design your installation to enhance your living space, offering an extensive selection of finishes and options. When the bed is closed, you will have a beautifully designed wall -- a decor you would choose even if it didn't cleverly conceal the bed inside.

Extraordinary value for your budget.

We are not a high-end furniture retailer that has decided to incorporate Murphy beds into their expensive interior designs. Our business is our installations, first and foremost -- and only that. After 25 years in business, we have ways of offering the most for your money. We respect your budget: whether it's small or large, you will be amazed at how much value we can offer, and how stunningly beautiful your installation can be.

Exceptional personal attention and follow-up.

Anyone who has ever been a client knows Susanne, the original owner whose caring, watchful eyes are on every step of the process, from design and selection of finishes, to the actual assembly at your home or location. She herself will visit your premises if appropriate, listen to you and your needs, and help you design your unit. Her craftsmen complete the job meticulously and on time. And if you ever need an adjustment, she will make sure you are attended to. As many clients have commented, "Susanne made me feel personally taken care of."

It's not your grandma's murphy bed!

Sleep Systems

With the simplest of ease just lower down my front panel, flip my leg into place and turn me into a platform bed. My precision engineered bed mechanism...

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My Bifold Door Home Office Cabinetry comes with doors to conceal itself, when I am using the room for another purpose or do not want to let anyone know I am a Home Office.

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Our counter-balanced, spring-loaded mechanisms have proven over many years to be the most reliable systems on the market, with more than 100,000 in use worldwide.

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